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Spanning Africa, India, and the United States, DevGlobal Partners supports the world’s leading non-profits, companies, philanthropies, multilateral agencies, and government agencies on their innovation and sustainability initiatives.  


How is DevGlobal different from your usual consultancy?

How is DevGlobal different from your usual consultancy?


We believe that people at the heart of real change and transformation, and the most effective change brings together diverse perspectives and voices in a way that challenges the status-quo, builds teams, and drives meaningful action.


We joined DevGlobal to make a difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. We strive to be collaborative, thoughtful partners for our clients in service of that collective goal.


We believe in the value of diverse teams bringing their collective strengths to problem-solve and make progress

Humble Mindset

We don’t always have the right answers. We remain open to criticism and feedback, and we value local approaches and knowledge alongside technical expertise.  ​


Democratizing Technology

We recognize that people and communities near the heart of the problem know how to best address them and reducing the digital divide can only accelerate their problem-solving.

Bridging Divides

We value inclusive collaboration and breaking down our echo chambers, whether it’s public and private sector, technologists and luddites, analog and digital, Global South and Global North.

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with intention

“Business-as-usual” isn’t in our vernacular. We push the envelope where it matters – whether that’s decolonizing humanitarian aid or dreaming up new business models.