Client Success Story: McGovern Foundation

DevGlobal’s Jeff Pituch and James Haithcoat recently lead an effort to capture the processes and lessons learned by each grant partner organization of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s 2022 Climate + Data Accelerator Program.

The DevGlobal project team interviewed 10 research or non-profit organizations combating climate change who were working to transform their data capabilities and more effectively deliver on their missions. The cohort of teams received flexible grant funding, technical mentorship, and in-kind infrastructure support from the Cloudera data platform to advance their data fluency by implementing new data pipelines and building machine learning models.

Jeff analyzed the groups’ approaches in the context of their specific programs and interventions, communicating their approaches, data journeys, and lessons learned for a general audience in accessible terms. These studies aimed to illuminate the enablers to successful program outcomes and highlight challenges that can shed light on pathways to improve data use for peer non-profit organizations.

When all the information had been gathered, James built the case studies into a beautifully designed, interactive website. The case studies will remain in the public domain to showcase the steps needed to advance a range of technical initiatives and the supportive platform of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation to help them achieve their organization’s priorities.