DevGlobal makes its debut at St. Louis’s T-REX Geospatial Innovation Center

DevGlobal Principal Consultant, James Haithcoat, spoke at St. Louis’s T-REX Nonprofit Technology Innovation Center as part of their monthly geospatial speaker series, Geosaurus Unleashed recently. James spoke to who and what DevGlobal is, focusing specifically on the RAMP project DevGlobal led, in partnership with the World Health Organization.  

DevGlobal has partnered with T-REX as a sponsor to continue their mission of supporting early-stage entrepreneurship and tech talent development.  T-REX is a facility in downtown St. Louis that aims to provide entrepreneurs and startups with a space to grow and encourage innovation. The center hosts a handful of geospatial-focused companies and hosts the nation’s first Geospatial Innovation Center, an excellent choice given St. Louis’s emerging role as a hub for the geospatial world. 

The Replicable AI for Microplanning (RAMP) project was an initiative undertaken by DevGlobal, along with the WHO, that created an open-source deep learning model that could accurately digitize buildings in low-and-middle-income countries using satellite imagery. By leveraging satellite imagery and advanced AI techniques, the RAMP project aimed to provide accurate and up-to-date information on building footprints in resource-constrained settings. The key innovation was the versatility and affordability of the model, allowing in-country users to build their own deep learning models for their regions of interest. 

DevGlobal is looking forward to a continued partnership with T-REX, one that fosters and supports innovation in the Geospatial world and beyond.