Client Impact Letter – 2023

DevGlobal community, 

2022 was a year of immense growth. Growth for us meant focusing in on our strengths and doubling down on our commitments that set us apart. Half of our clients are leveraging our geospatial services in service of their health and food security missions.  Our team is growing to meet the increasing demand for local expertise with technical and domain knowledge. In Africa, our footprint now extends through networks across the continent. DevIndia continued to build their networks in-country and foster innovation exchanges with partners in East Africa to strengthen approaches to regenerative agricultural practices and explore new opportunities to leverage cutting-edge technologies for smallholder farmers. 

Last year, DevGlobal invested in our commitment to democratizing technology. We made great gains establishing our edge in sustainable geospatial technologies by launching Ramp, an open-source building footprint extraction model, to meet the needs of programs delivering lifesaving interventions like vaccines. Our publicly available Ramp toolkit boasts an impressive 100,000 labeled image chips containing over 1.2 million building footprints across 22 different geographies in the Global South. In addition to Ramp, we supported the implementation of other impactful technologies including the customization of field-ready mobile apps and convening public health experts around fit-for-purpose risk models. 

In 2022, we also convened some of the world’s greatest minds to innovate for our biggest humanitarian and sustainability challenges. We co-hosted a sold-out SatSummit, along with our partners at DevSeed,  bringing together leaders in the satellite industry alongside global development experts and releasing the latest “state of play” around these technologies. In partnership with PepsiCo and Atomic Brand Labs, we have, to date, supported 4 greenhouse accelerator programs aimed at pushing innovation forward in sustainable food brands and have committed to another 9 accelerators this year with our partners at DevIndia. Our events practice also boasted an impressive portfolio of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. In November, DevAfrique brought together government leaders in Nigeria around key geospatial implementation challenges illuminated by recent legislation. 

DevGlobal’s advantage is clear: we have a global team of passionate professionals who want to make positive change in the world. The teams we have built come with energy around solving some of the biggest issues in geospatial technology, healthcare, and agriculture by convening world experts and filling gaps in the technology value chain. We look forward to working with you more in 2023 and thank you for being a part of our team. 

With excitement, 

Io Blair-Freese 
Chief Executive Officer