Enabling Equitable Access to Healthcare with WHO GIS Centre for Health

Geospatial data and technology are not new developments – neither is their value or applications for health outcomes. For many years, various WHO teams have leveraged geospatial resources in their programs from polio eradication to emergency response to our communications. Many WHO Member States have also applied these tools and concepts for decades. Building on these successes, the GIS Centre for Health is further promoting the adoption of geo-enabled decision-making to help address health, social, and economic issues within and across countries. As one example of the support provided to WHO, DevGlobal produced engaging storymaps to showcase the GIS Centre’s impact. These stories covered important topics like cutting edge geospatial technologies for COVID-19 vaccine deliveryopen data solutions for preventable snakebite deaths, and reaching all populations through the AFRO GIS Centre.  

Beyond storytelling, DevGlobal also facilitates the WHO and UNICEF GIS Working Group for COVAX Innovation. The Working Group is dedicated to providing technical guidance and support on digital microplanning, one of the areas of digital innovation identified as a priority for COVID19. DevGlobal coordinates global stakeholders and technical partners as we champion the use of digital microplans to ensure equitable vaccine delivery as well as sustained use of geospatial data and solutions beyond the pandemic response. Learn more about the COVAX GIS Working Group here.