ICTforAg 2020: The Success of Virtual Conferencing & Event Management

In the wake of COVID-19, virtual platforms have allowed for a drastic re-imagining of global conferences in agriculture. ICTforAg, Thrive Africa, the CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Convention, and many others went virtual in 2020. As our DevGlobal team planned for the 2020 ICTforAg conference with USAID and DAI, a virtual event was the only safe option for convening experts and agtech enthusiasts from around the globe. We quickly realized that virtual conferencing can expand and improve conferences now and beyond the pandemic. 

By leveraging the opportunities of digital conferencing, from live Q&A sessions to strategic real-time social media campaigns and interactive virtual networking, DevGlobal supported the ICTforAg conference in expanding its global reach while fostering a sense of community amongst virtual attendees. DevGlobal embraces the learning curve of digital innovation to connect people and communities around the world and curates the best features of virtual conferencing to facilitate the transition to digital events for our clients. With careful eye for detail and team of dedicated experts with years of event management experience, DevGlobal hopes to continue making the most of all that virtual has to offer, during the pandemic and beyond.