CIESIN/Grid 3 Support at HQ and In-Country

DevGlobal has had the privilege of working with CIESIN, a center of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, to support its strategy and communications work for GRID3. For more than two years DevGlobal has adjusted its staff and services mix as the GRID3 program has required in an effort to be a thought partner in organizational design for growth, and a driving force to translate strategy into reality at the program’s headquarters in New York as well as in multiple countries in Africa through DevAfrique. As any team scales to size it can be difficult to adjust communications and see itself through the forming-storming-norming period we all experience. The difficulties are multiplied when you add remote working during the pandemic to the mix. DevGlobal worked diligently with the leadership team to help offer staff engaging remotely facilitated workshops and usable project management tools to continue their process. Additionally, we pivoted planned large in-person events into successful remote engagements with a broader network of organizations in geospatial technologies and applied data science. 
During this same period GRID3 scaled engagements with African countries supported by DevAfrique. The DevAfrique team leveraged existing relationships and experience to aid project successes in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, and Burkina Faso. DevAfrique consultants became integral members of GRID3’s country teams, covering multiple services from data collection and measurement and evaluation support to engaging UN entities and ministries to negotiate data usage authorizations and access. With DevGlobal’s partnership model we extend our clients’ reach through our networks, and ultimately make more meaningful impact in the work we are all passionate about.